The Best Dating Sites for Teens Available Online

Sometimes it can be hard to be seriously taken when you’re a teenager. Everybody thinks you have an easy life with no worries when in reality you’re a human just like anybody else. At this age, the best way to find love is through school, but that is not always a great thing. You’re limited to the small number of people that study there, and if your parents don’t agree to let you hang out in other places, you have nowhere to run. Thankfully, the Internet is constantly evolving, and many dating sites aimed at teenagers are being born every new day. If you’re a teen looking for a method to boost your love life, these online platforms can be the ultimate solution you need.

Today we’re going to rank the best websites for teen love. Pick one and try right now, as they’re free to sign up!

Meetme logo

MeetMe is a fun way to make new friends and find love for teens. Our rating is 4 out of 5.

Mylol logo

It’s a dating website made exclusively for teens and the best one on our list. Rating: 4/5.

Yubo logo

Although it’s a good way to find new dates, it is intended to be a place to make friends. 3/5.

CoffeeMeetsBagel logo

Highly reputable and famous, but lacks options for teens. Our rating is 3/5.

Skout logo

Skout offers great tools, and the vast majority of users are teenagers. It also has a feature similar to a social media platform. 2/5.

What Is Teen Dating?

Teen dating websites are a category of sites on the rise nowadays. They are spots where teens all over the world can join and make connections with each other. These platforms join two things that are closely related: teenagers and the Internet. Teen dating sites are the best place to look for a romantic partner if you’re young and looking for love. Most people you’ll meet on these applications are seeking short-term relationships, so they’re an awesome place if you want to hook up or go on casual dates, for example. However, the possibilities are limitless since there are so many online users on these websites. Due to that, they’re a nice place in case you’re willing for long-term stuff as well.

Since they’re made just for teens, the environment there is really safe. Sure, some adults still try to bait you pretending to be a teen, but those are super rare cases. Not only these sites have verification systems, but also you’ll be totally safe by following the most basic rules of common sense.

How to Use Dating Websites for Teens?

Using dating websites for teenagers is really uncomplicated. You’re probably already used to regular dating platforms, so using one designed for teens is a pretty similar experience. After you created your account, it’s time to complete your profile. If the website is browser-based, you can access it through any platform, but we recommend using a computer for a better interface and overall experience. Whatever the situation, click on the profile icon to begin adding more info. Some websites even prompt you to fill in this kind of detail right after signing up through some questions, so it’s even easier. You can skip them and edit your information later, but we advise you to do it as soon as possible.

If you’re using Yubo, the process follows the same line of action, but it is a bit different. To begin with, Yubo is mostly for making friends, so the app will show you people of both genders by default. You may want to change this setting, which can be easily done in the “settings” tab. You can also add tags to your profile to make it easier to meet people with similar interests.

Choose the top dating site

When starting to date online, especially being a teenager, it is vital to choose the platform that is first and foremost safe. So when looking for a suitable dating site for teens, choose the one that has a good security system. Such platforms usually provide their users with the ability to block and report suspicious accounts and always keep their users’ data safe. Now let’s take a closer look at the platforms we mentioned previously.

MeetMe: This site has a very friendly appearance and welcomes every kind of user. Their matchmaking algorithm is incredible, and it can find someone to you in seconds.

MyLOL: If we could suggest only one website to go for, this would be it. MyLOL is exclusively made for teens, so your chances of finding somebody like-minded are greatly increased.

Yubo: Its idea is to make friendships only, but many people are there for more. It’s a very modern and clean app, really intended for younger audiences.

CoffeeMeetsBagel: Here is another mobile app that works like Tinder but with a smarter algorithm. It’s not made exclusively for teens, but most of its users are.

Skout: A place where you can meet tons of teenagers, which kind of works like a social media platform as well. Great for making meaningful connections in the first place.

Registration and chatting

The registration process varies according to what dating site you’re choosing, but most of them follow a pretty similar structure. You can access all platforms mentioned above, but Yubo on your regular web browser on any device. Then, you’ll need to follow an intuitive step-by-step application to become a member. You’re going to provide basic information only, like your name, gender, sexual orientation, and email. Once you’re done, you’ll need to undertake an easy email verification to make sure you’re providing accurate info. After this, you’ll be good to start exploring.

In case you’re using an app, the process will still be simple, but it’s going to be a little bit different. If you’re signing up for Yubo, the mobile app is the only way you can use it. Go to the App Store on the iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android devices and download it. Again, follow the instructions, add a profile picture, and you’re done.

How to Keep Yourself Safe on Dating Sites for Teens

Despite the efforts these companies put into their websites as safe as possible, there are still some bad guys that eventually make it through their firewalls. To protect yourself from them, it’s always good to be aware of what’s happening around you o these dating platforms. With only simple precautions is what it takes to make your online dating much safer. We’re going to share some tips with you now.

Don’t share your personal details

Even though it’s probably obvious for you, sharing some personal information with people you’re just getting to meet is dangerous. Always start talking to them through the app, and don’t share your number, social media, or other contact details. You never know if there’s someone on the other side of the screen just creeping on your photos or profile updates.

Watch out for common red flags

Many behaviors signify that someone is there with bad intentions. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t add any profile description or pictures, it’s worth thinking about. Simple information about who they are is the least anyone could do to give a minimum amount of credibility. In case they don’t even add this, they’re either not serious about the whole thing, or they’re scamming you. In addition, look for other weird requests like way too personal details or money-related stuff.


Teen dating sites are a fun, safe, and easy way to find love online if you’re a teenager. The services we talked about today are definitely worth checking out, as they excel in this segment. By joining any of them, you’ll have much better experiences since they’re your age and have similar interests, in contrast with other general dating platforms. As always, make sure to stay safe and, most importantly, enjoy as much as you can!


How are teen dating sites different from other dating sites?

Teen dating sites are a more modern, casual, and effective approach to teenage dating.

Is teen dating for everyone?

As the title suggests, teen dating is only for teenagers. Any teen can be into it!

Is teen dating for long-term or short-term relationships?

Since we’re talking about dating at a young age, teen dating is almost always for short-term relationships. But who knows!