Best Plus-Sized Dating Sites

The best plus-sized dating sites are those where BBWs and people who are into larger body types are welcome. It’s hard to fit in at the average dating websites that are popular among the public. Society has been brainwashed that slimness and thinness are the way to go, when in fact, having curves and loving some thickness is nothing to be ashamed of. Fortunately, people with specific tastes can visit a few matchmaking sites to be free to date whoever they like.

From this short review of some popular plus-sized dating sites, you will know why women prefer those who are larger, and guys prefer to date plus-sized girls. Thicker ladies deserve love and should be able to use dating sites like the average single person. Special websites are the answer to every plus-sized girl’s love dilemma.

BBWtodate logo is a safe and secure dating website dedicated to plus-sized dating. The smaller membership pool can be used to your advantage by making your search easier.

Fatflirt logo is a user-friendly dating site with exciting features like search filters, instant messaging, gallery, and message receipts.

FindBBWSex logo

At FindBBWSex, curvy women and BBW lovers are both welcome to join. It is known for finding hookups with plus-sized girls.

MingleBBW logo

MingleBBW is known for casual mingling that turns into long-term relationships. The website offers free 1-day and 3-day trial memberships.

EliteSingles logo

This dating website is full of educated personals and ideal for seeking committed and long-lasting relationships with proper, non-judgmental individuals.

What You Should Know About Plus-Sized Dating

Being a plus-sized girl will affect your love life. It is mostly on the negative side since people are conditioned to believe that there is a stigma around going out with a curvy woman; therefore, men with this preference shy away or keep their relationships a secret. Another negative thing that is often overlooked is the fetishization of big girls. Being dated as a big woman for the sake of experience is not a compliment at all.

Love and relationships for plus-sized women are far more challenging than skinny girls with model-like features. The lack of matchmaking services made for this specific group makes it more difficult. On general dating sites, non-curvy women are almost always preferred. When you find a partner, they usually seem embarrassed by the fact that they are seeing a plus-sized woman.

Plus-sized dating sites are a huge help for the big and beautiful ladies. They can easily meet partners specifically interested in being romantically linked with large women or those who don’t mind being with such a one. You won’t be competing with skinny figures that dominate the popular list. You will be free to flaunt your curves and feel fitted in among the other singles on the website.

Use Plus-Sized Dating Sites to Your Advantage

With online plus-sized dating, you shouldn’t be afraid to show off your body. You can make a first impression by posting a clear profile picture showing your curvy features. The guys who are truly interested in being with you will not mind your size, and you won’t be in fear of being rejected on the actual date. Ignore your doubts and be yourself on your profile.

Just from your pictures and indicating that you are a plus-sized woman, you will most often end up with guys who are into you. But be aware of people fetishizing your size, and the worst part is that there are people who might end up fat-shaming you. Once you encounter any of these people, unmatch and cut off contact right away. With online dating, you can get rid of wrong matches in one click.

Use plus-sized dating sites to filter the guys with the right motives and sincere desires. You can talk for long periods before arranging a meetup. Don’t hold back when expressing your personality and interests. You will know if one is sincere in courting if they accept all your quirks and unique traits.

Choose Only the Top Plus-Size Dating Sites

Visiting the top plus-sized dating sites lets you compare the difference between these and the average matchmaking websites. These websites are made for women like you, ladies who deserve love and romance. BBWs need to be able to use online dating as freely as any other single female. These special websites are made for this purpose.

On plus-sized dating sites, you won’t be fat-shamed. You won’t have to be conscious about every single move you make and be pressured about your looks. You can attract guys who like your appearance but won’t solely date you for your body. You can take your time in choosing who to trust enough to enter a relationship with.

Being plus-sized is nothing to be ashamed of. You should indicate this clearly on your profile. Most websites encourage including this information, and some even have a no fat-shaming policy that will keep you away from rude members.

Register and Start Chatting

Plus-sized dating sites offer free registration. The sign-up duration may vary; some won’t take you more than 5 minutes to finish, while others would take more time but are good for ensuring legitimate members. Creating your profile will take some time since you must put accurate details about yourself and upload clear photos. You will attract members through your profile picture and match with compatible personals through personality tests and questions.

To start sending messages, avail of premium membership. By paying for the costs, you will remove the hassle of being blocked from using the rest of the features. If you still want to make contact for free, you can still poke or send Winks for free. But the best way is to pay for the premium subscription to unlock all of the website’s useful features.

How Plus-Sized Singles Stay Safe While Dating Online

Do your research before taking the relationship any deeper? Meeting up is already a big step, so find out more about this person before meeting face to face. Another trick is to go on a video call right before the date.

It is also advisable to have a close friend or family know the details about this particular online person you are dating. Ideally, it should be a person you can trust even with private details about your relationship. Give them all the details about your date and arrange to meet your match in a public place.

Don’t Give Out Too Many Personal Details

So, you had a successful date that you both seemed to enjoy, and it’s time to go your separate ways and return home. The question is, does that person know your exact address, or did you share details about which area you reside in? The danger of giving out these details is the possibility of encountering a stalker or a downright violent person. Details about your home or work address should be kept private until the relationship turns into a deep one.

Even not so private information like your family name, birthday, favorite places or bars to visit, and family members’ locations should not be shared. These can be used to their advantage so quickly. These harmless details can easily be looked up on the Internet. You won’t have any control over how they handle your information. In a simple slip of the tongue, you could be led in danger.

Warning Signals That Scream SCAM

Warning signals can be found on a person’s profile right away, but the more obvious signs can be noticed in their actions or stories. Here are some examples:

Contradictory Information

You can detect this in people but also through your conversations. Did he suddenly start attending yoga classes on the weekend when he doesn’t have spare time on days off work?

Meeting Too Soon or Too Late

A match that insists on meeting a few days or a week after meeting online can be a dangerous one. On the other hand, if he or she keeps canceling or rescheduling dates without a proper reason, you should start asking some questions.

Perfect Personals and Flawless Background Stories

Yes, overly perfect personals can be a red flag. A guy who boasts of private jets and important meetings with higher-ups you know nothing about sounds suspicious and made-up.


Chubby girls, BBWs, plus-sized chicks, whatever you call these beautiful ladies, are all deserving of their romantic adventures. Before the popularity of BBW-friendly websites, curvy women report getting harassed on regular dating sites frequently. Thanks to the existence of these online platforms, their search for partners has been made easier. You have a pretty good list of options if you want to date a curvy woman or if you are part of this group.

Besides challenges concerning their size, plus-sized women still encounter the same problems any single lady faces on the Internet. There are websites that best give support regarding these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are plus-sized dating sites different?

Plus-sized dating sites allow large women to date while surrounded by a welcoming community.

Is plus-sized dating possible for any type of person?

Curvy women should be viewed beyond their looks. Anyone can date a thick lady.

Is plus-sized dating long-term or short-term?

BBWs enjoy both casual dates and serious relationships like other women.