Outpersonals review

First Impression of Outpersonals

Outpersonals has quickly become a fast-growing and popular dating site in the gay community. Boasting around 1.3 million members from across the globe and a plethora of features, it is a great platform for homosexuals and bisexuals to connect. The website’s outstanding search filters and messaging facilities make it easier for users to find their perfect match.

Outpersonals Features

The site offers two types of memberships: the standard membership, free, and a gold membership that provides access to premium features. Users are required to pay around $30 a month for the gold memberships. However, if they subscribe to a 12-month membership plan, the premium features only cost around 7 dollars per month.

Free Features

Free members are given complete control when it comes to changing their profile. They also get access to certain custom search filters. Users can upload images, as well as go through the pictures on other profiles. In comparison to other such services, Outpersonals’s free membership plan is one of the best.

Paid Features

Premium membership gives you full functionality so you can get the best possible online dating experience. It allows you to match with all active members. It offers an improved matching algorithm so users can easily find someone their type. You can also cancel the membership anytime.

Sign Up Outpersonals

The website has a user-friendly sign-up interface and process comprising of only several steps. It does not take a lot of minutes to create an account and begin online dating. Members are also not required to verify their email. However, if you are too lazy to type in all the information, you can easily sign up via your Facebook account. This takes away the hassle of manually filling the forms since the website will extract all the necessary data from your social media page for you. After you have successfully created an account on the website, you are required to wait for verification. You will receive approval under 24 hours if you have uploaded some photos. However, it may take around 48 hours in certain cases.

Outpersonals signup

Design and Usability

The website’s design is conventional yet interesting. The user-friendly interface and clear navigation give other dating sites a breakneck competition to deal with. Every feature is easily accessible and placed just right. The theme is elegant with a masculine flair. The innovative use of certain elements ensures it catches the users’ attention, so they stay on the website.

Outpersonals App Review

Outpersonals also has a mobile application that can be downloaded for no charge on both iOS and Android devices. In these digital times, where people are constantly on their smartphones, it is crucial to allow people to stay connected at all times. The dating site ensures that. The mobile application is compatible with all mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets. Outpersonals mobile application offers all the features available on the website. It makes online dating so much more convenient and ensures users stay connected with their matches on the go. The design of the mobile application is just as good and trendy as the website. In terms of functionality, navigating through the Outpersonals App feels effortless. Users can easily connect and interact with other members on the site thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Outpersonals app

Outpersonals Demographics

Outpersonal's is a dating site for gay men with 1.3 million members across the globMoe. The popular age group on this site is 20-23. So, the website mostly has younger gay men and may not be the best place if you are looking for a DILF. The reply rate of the site is 90 percent. You will rarely encounter fake accounts and fraud. So, it is one of the safest dating sites out there. Every account goes through a verification process to prevent bots and scammers.

Nevertheless, as long as you are eligible, finding love on Outpersonals is free for all. Although, keep in mind that users are required to be above the age of 18 to create an account on the website, similar to all other dating platforms. So, what are you waiting for? Create an account and try Outpersonal for free today.

Outpersonals demographics

Outpersonals chat rooms

Messaging people on Outpersonals is easy. All you need to do is open their profile and go on the “Interact” tab. Here, you will be provided with several options. You can choose to send a voice message or an email. The site’s messaging section is customizable and convenient, so it is hard to get lost. It is also possible to chat on the website without registering. You can select a chatroom and enter it to interact with the members. Free features like these allow users to get an idea of the number of active users on the dating website.

Anonymity and Security

Outpersonals highly prioritizes its security and safety. You will never experience a security breach. The website ensures its users are protected from scammers, fake accounts, and fraudulent activities. The account verification step during sign-up ensures this is prevented. However, it is still crucial for users to stay alert in case someone bypasses the security. Outpersonals has an outstanding system to prevent deception to ensure the information of its users remains safe. The only area where Outpersonals lacks is that some users complain about the support team’s slow responsiveness.


The pros of the dating site include:

A plethora of features offered, including chat and video calls and a magazine featuring blogs, interest groups, etc., where members can participate to receive points.

Broadcast and view live videos while chatting and searching for gay singles.

The areas where Outpersonals lacks include:

Online dating newbies might find the homepage a tad confusing

The site only caters to casual dating, so this might not be the best place to look for a long-term partner.

You can use certain features with the free plan; however, you need to pay to get access to the website's full functionality.

Outpersonals Reviews

I have been on Outpersonals for two months, and I absolutely love it. It has been hard for me to find excitement in my busy life, but Outpersonals makes it so convenient!

Adrian Smith, Chicago, 30

My friend recommended me to try Outpersonals after a breakup. The site made it easier for me to move on and have fun again.

Nathan Miller, New York, 22

Outpersonals is my favorite dating website. It is the best craigslist personals alternative. I have found many interesting men through it, and I am living my life!

Gerard Davis, Detroit, 25

Experts’ Conclusion

According to our conclusion, the website is perfect for gay men looking for a suitable partner. It has a lot of active members, and around 5000-7000 users log in each day. The features it offers make online dating more convenient. Your profile approval and posting may take some time to get verified, but it is worth it. We would suggest starting off with the standard (free) membership and try out the site for a bit. If you think it is for you, you can upgrade to a premium plan. The site has quickly gained popularity within a few years, and we can see why.


Is Outpersonals free?

The site does have free membership, but you are required to pay for the premium features.

Is Outpersonals safe?

Outpersonals has an account verification system as well as deception-prevention measures in place to ensure the safety of its users.

Is it possible to block other users?

You can report users to the website's support via the "report abuse" button. There is so a "block email" option to stop someone from texting you.