Myhornyboy Review

First Impression of Myhornyboy

The first impression of Myhornyboy is that it is an active platform that brings together like-minded people without any complications in the registration. Website design and tools work together to provide matches, and members have a variety to choose from as the website homes different individuals, each with something unique to offer.

Myhornyboy Features

Like any other dating site in its category, Myhornyboy boasts a series of designed features for a single purpose; to create matches and increase the chances of a meetup for its members. These features can be either free or paid and determine how successful a user will be.

Free Features

Free features of Myhornyboy are offered to get the members started. They are basic functions that will keep users engaged and active on the platform. The following are some examples of the free features:

The initial registration

Profile creation

Limited search filters such as gender, online now, and age

Paid Features

Paid features give members more opportunities to meet each other. The website offers subscriptions that range from a day to several months. Myhornyboy offers the following paid features:

Advanced search filters 

Unlimited texting

Checking if sent messages have been read 

Video chat

Access to various chat rooms

Sign UP Myhornyboy

Signing up to Myhornyboy is a rather simple process. The total time taken to register does not last more than 5 minutes. The first thing to note is the age limit, as individuals younger than 18 are not encouraged to join. All you have to add your full name, email address, and an accompanying password if you qualify.

Because this website is designed to help members search locally, a zip code or address will be asked. As soon as this information is provided, the website proceeds to send an email to the user to confirm their email address.

Myhornyboy signup

Design and Usability

The website has a clean and simple design that works well on any screen. Although the appearance seems to be better for computers, it is also optimized for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Myhornyboy also comes with smooth navigation that has no lag, which improves user experience.

Myhornyboy App Review

Apart from a reliable dating site, Myhornyboy also comes with a mobile app. This is a convenient tool as most people prefer to have quick access to the platform rather than log in every time. The app is designed to be supported on both Android and iOS operating systems.

The experience of using the app is satisfactory as well. All accessible features present on the web version are also. Scrolling up and down the app is quite fluid, and no lag is present as well. Communication tools are better appreciated on the dating app, especially the live chat feature.

Myhornyboy Demographics

Myhornyboy is a platform specifically designed for gays and lesbians. Most of the member gay men looking for hookups, and the rest are about 10% fewer lesbians. The age required for registration is 18, and most members fall within the range of 25-40 years. In terms of global distribution, Myhornyboy is primarily used by English-speaking people.

It has the biggest membership base in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. It can also be accessed in several European countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Ukraine. This is impressive, considering the site is only three years old.

Myhornyboy demographics

Myhornyboy Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are an innovative addition to online dating. They provide shortcuts for members to directly interact with like-minded individuals hence getting hooks easily. Myhornyboy provided several chat rooms to its members.

Here, you can meet local singles, talk about interesting issues, and exchange contact details if you choose to hook up. It is worth mentioning that access to chat rooms is for premium members only. Myhornyboy provides a one-day subscription for less than $1, and this is convenient enough to experience the chat rooms for yourself. These platforms serve the purpose they were created for and are worth it.

Anonymity and Security

Privacy is an important feature, and Myhornyboy takes it seriously. You immediately see the signs of this during the registration in the form of account verification. Members are also encouraged to use secure passwords to prevent any chances of hacking.

Because some of the features are paid, you will have to add a mode of payment. This information is kept under lock and key, and chances of it being compromised are little to none. Anonymity is a personal tool that enables you to stay hidden from other members. You can easily change your account’s privacy settings.



A reliable platform for gays and lesbians

Free registration and doesn't take much time to complete

Reliable website and dating app compatible with all devices

Chat rooms

Prioritizes members security

Chat features like live chat are convenient for members

Customer support works round the clock to provide any assistance required


Myhornyboy offers limited free dating features

A limited number of payment options for members

Subscription plans can be a bit pricey

The website does not offer any promotions to its members

Non-premium members will not have as much fun as most of the best features are paid for

Myhornyboy Reviews

Myhornyboy has made online dating very easy for me. I have been on it for a month and having a blast.

Randy Mitchel from Los Angeles, 27 years old

Really good website. I have met some awesome people and gone on amazing dates.

Rachel McNeal from Chicago, 32

I would recommend this site to anyone. It exceeded my expectations.

Trevor Jenkin from Sacramento, 25

Experts’ Conclusion

Myhornyboy is a simple website that focuses on providing the best experience to its members. This effort can be seen at every stage of use. Signing up is not complicated whatsoever, giving members quick access to the dating platform. The overall user experience is impressive as well. The website responds nicely to commands and does not lag at any point.

The mobile app also performed well on different OS and a wide range of devices. There were no encounters with fake accounts on this platform of diverse members. In conclusion, Myhornyboy meets the right standards for an online dating site.


Do I have to pay for any features?

Members have access to free features. However, premium features provide the best experience.

Do I have any risk by joining the site?

Myhornyboy prioritizes the protection of your information. You can safely use the site and its app.

How can I block another user?

A privacy tool will prevent certain members from making contact with you. You can use the clock button or contact the support team in any case.