Minglebbw Review

First Impression of Minglebbw

First Impression of Minglebbw: at first glance, Minglebbw comes off as a minimalist platform for singles to meet each other. Like other websites of its category, it promises efficient service to its members with its matching tools. All features that keep the site running are pretty basic, including the sign-up process and profile creation.

Minglebbw Features

According to the review, the best experience could bring good functionality and advanced features to the dating site. Therefore, let’s check the basic features and paid tools you can get after upgrading a profile.

Free Features

Minglebbw offers a wide range of services to its members. These features can be either free or paid. The paid features are required for the more basic functions, some of which include:

The initial registration to the dating site

Profile creation

Members have a free trial to experience the paid services

Paid Features

To get the best that minglebbw has to offer, you need to pay for the premium services. Some these include:

Full control of your profile, including seeing who has viewed it

Ability to browse through other profiles 

Using advanced search filters

Access to any chatroom 

Sign UP Minglebbw

The registration process is pretty straightforward and does not take much of your time, which is a plus. Members add their full name, provide an email address and a secure password. This information is required to make sure that users are below 18 and prove to other members that they are indeed a real person and not a robot or fake account.

Also, members must add their location to help the algorithm suggest local singles to them only. Once this information is added, the account will be verified, and you can then create the profile.

Minglebbw signup

Design and Usability

The main vibe given off by the website is functionality over aesthetics. Minglebbw’s navigation is a winner. Members can visit the website without any issues. No reports of lagging were encountered. The website works optimally on larger screens, but users on mobile devices won’t have anything to worry about.

Minglebbw App Review

Minglebbw offers an app to members who prefer to use their phones to look for hookups. Like the website, the dating app offers a satisfying user experience. All elements are well arranged, which makes the app quite good to look at as well. The app is compatible on Android and iOS platforms, so your experience will be good whether you’re using an iPhone or a Samsung.

The app has a better feel on screens with bigger dimensions but could differ depending on what you feel comfortable with. It’s also worth mentioning that the app is also free for members, which is quite convenient.

Minglebbw Demographics

Minglebbw was initially created three years ago to provide a platform for plus-sized women and their admirers. As such, most of the members are women. The male population isn’t that far off, though. The dating site is fairly popular; it is accessible in various countries such as the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, and other countries in Europe.

Minglebbw does not discriminate; this means all sexual orientations are welcome. Because of this, it boasts a fairly rich LGBTQ community. Members must be at least 18 to join, and the average age group is between 20 and 40.

Minglebbw demographics

Minglebbw Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms are an exclusive feature that is only accessible to premium members. These are smaller platforms that make it easier for members to find hookups. They also play a role where like-minded members can meet and be sure that they will find exactly what they’re looking for.

Minglebbw offers several chat rooms where you can talk to new members every day. Therefore, this is a feature that should be on your must-haves to take advantage of this dating service. Members also can leave any chat room whenever they want and look for another one that could be more suitable for them.

Anonymity and Security

Online dating can be a risky business, but with Minglebbw, you can rest easy knowing that your information is secure. You see the security effort from the moment you start to register. The site makes sure you use a strong enough password for your account and request email verification after completing the initial setup.

Furthermore, members have the option to make their profile private. This means you will only be able to communicate with the member you approve to view your status. As a result of this, member harassment is very rare to almost absent.



Open to any sexual orientation, it also has a good LGBTQ population

Offers a free registration for all members

Website and app are easy to use, thanks to a responsive user interface designed for both Android and iOS

Unsure users can try a free version of the dating site and test various features

The number of communication features is impressive

Matchmaking features are very effective, increasing the chances of an actual hook up


The trial version does not offer all possible premium features

Subscription plans can be a bit too pricey for some members

Minglebbw does not offer any promotions for members

Minglebbw Reviews

I’ve met a lot of beautiful women since joining the dating site a few months back. Great experience.

Joseph, 27, New York

I was having some trouble finding someone who appreciates my body, and minglebbw provided that. I’m glad I joined.

Sara, 33, Miami

All aspects of the site work. I’m upgrading.

Matthew, 44, Texas

Experts’ Conclusion

As a fairly young dating site, minglebbw has managed to stay productive on the dating scene. It has done this by keeping members satisfied with the numerous features. Using the website was an interesting experience. No bugs were encountered, and the smooth interface was enjoyable.

Unlike many other dating sites, the reports of fake accounts were apparent, explaining the high rate of finding an actual hookup. The pricing, for the most part, is fair. The free trial can help users who are still unsure about paying for the dating service to know what to expect.


How much do the dating services cost?

Minglebbw offers a free trial and three different subscription plans.

How protected is my information?

Minglebbw has put in all the right measures to prevent any loss of the information of its members.

Do I have any options to report abuse?

You can block any users you don’t want to make any contact with.