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First Impression of

As one of the earliest matchmaking services on the web, is a well-known brand that serves users from all over the world. It is primarily oriented towards long-term relationships and romance, so the focus is on high-quality matchmaking tools rather than fun features. Any review must mention the impressive size and reputation of this dating site and it is functional and easy-to-use interface. Based on the experiences of existing users, it’s safe to advise anyone looking for love to choose this provider over any less-known dating sites for asexuals or other niche populations.

Essential features

Users of can take advantage of numerous smart features and functionalities to expedite their search for a new partner. Some of those features are standard for all dating sites, while others are unique to this provider and deliver highly specific benefits. Here is a review of free and paid features you can use on

Free features available to everyone

Browsing profiles of other users

Sending likes to other members

Taking part in a matchmaking game

Receiving matches selected by the algorithm

Paid features for premium members

Ability to send messages and chat requests

Anonymous browsing of online profiles

Higher spot in recommended matches

Voice call feature

Success guarantee for the duration of the subscription

How to sign up for

Registration procedure on is a bit more detailed than on some other dating sites, but it can still be completed within minutes, thanks to the practical profile builder tool. To open an account, you need to specify your basic demographic characteristics and sexual orientation (it’s possible to indicate you are gay). After that, you will have to upload a personal photo and write a short paragraph defining your reasons for being on the site. There is no account verification step involved so that you can log in with your new username and password right away. signup

Evaluation of interface design and usability is designed to be practical rather than flashy, and its graphic interface clearly reflects this decision. This dating site is very easy to get around, and all the most important functions can be easily reached without extensive scrolling. The same is true once you run the search query or start browsing through other members' photo galleries. In a technical sense, is very stable and perfectly capable of handling a large volume of traffic during peak demand periods, so technical glitches or service interruptions happen extremely rarely, if at all. app review for mobile

Members of can pick up a mobile app from the appropriate online app store and access their accounts from a smartphone. Separate apps are available for Android and iPhone users, so this brand is definitely progressive despite being one of the oldest dating sites on the web. All features from the desktop version can be accessed on mobile as well, making it easy to switch from one device to another without skipping a beat. Many members consider navigation on a mobile device to be even easier, as the content is well organized to fit on a smaller screen. app

A look into demographics

All age groups can be encountered among the 20 million members on, with those in the 25-34 years bracket being the most numerous. Male and female accounts are almost evenly matched (55% - 45%), which is really important for a matchmaking site. A large portion of members is actively using the website, with around 40% of all users possessing a premium account and more than 3 million unique logins on a daily level. Members originate from all continents, but English-speaking countries account for the largest share, with approximately 4 million from the United States alone.

What to expect in chat rooms?

One of the benefits of premium membership at is contacting other users via multimedia chat. This communication mode is faster and more direct and consequently can speed up your search for the perfect partner. Spending much time in chat rooms is common for users of both genders, and you can usually find someone to talk to regardless of the time of the day. In addition to text messages, you can also attach photos to your chats to make a better impression and establish a more cordial relationship after just a short time.

Anonymity and security on the web

For a website of this nature, privacy protection is paramount, and has an excellent reputation when it comes to keeping its customers safe from predators of every kind. The site doesn’t publish any sensitive information or share data with third parties, while all financial transactions are encrypted and function as expected. In effect, allows you to search for new partners in your vicinity while staying very discreet and avoiding public attention. It is one reason why so many people trust and use it as their primary outlet for online dating.

Overview of most relevant pros and cons

Major strengths of

One of the largest dating sites in the world

A long list of advanced matchmaking features

Good gender balance and age distribution

Excellent mobile app available for download

A satisfaction guarantee for premium members

Key shortcomings of

Traditional dating site that’s not suitable for Matching and adventures

There is no account verification, making it easier to infiltrate by bots

Only paid members can communicate with others

Firsthand reviews

‘I have high standards, and finding people for dating is very hard for me. An account on makes it much easier to check who I am talking to.’

Lisa, 37, Nevada.

‘My earlier experiences with online dating were not great, but once I found, my romantic life has taken a turn for the better, and I’m not looking back.’

Charlie, 29, Oklahoma.

‘For a single girl like me, hanging out at is a safe and convenient way to check out whether any attractive guys might be available for romance.’

Mina, 22, Washington.

Experts opinion about

There is a reason why has survived in the marketplace for several decades – it provides solid overall service and has a clear set of policies and guidelines. The site is ideal for US residents looking for a serious commitment, but people from other countries can find nearby matches.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How safe is to use for a woman?

As a major dating site that’s been in operation for a long time, is one of the safest online platforms for users of both genders.

Do I have to pay for the services of

Opening an account and accessing the basic set of features is free, but anyone who wishes to use advanced matchmaking options or send messages needs to purchase a membership plan.

What can I do if I don’t want to receive someone’s messages on

Users have the option to block incoming messages from certain people if they don’t like their content or even flag offending users for administrators to handle.