Ten Tips for Finding a New Friend and Omit Failure

Finding a New Friend

For many men & women, finding new friends always presents a challenge. Sure, you meet a lot of people at work, but they aren’t really “friends” — more of acquaintances. So how do you actually find new friends who are always down to hang out? We’ve gathered some of the best tips to help you definitely find new friends, whether you’re looking IRL or browsing the personals. Dating happens both online & off; friendship can actually work the same way! If you’re usually shy & have trouble making new friends, then these ten tips should give you the edge you need to find the perfect friends!

  1. Reach out to the people you already know first. Always consider people you already know first. While there may not be any good options, chances are, there’s usually someone who is worth connecting with. If you’ve already met them, then you’ll at least know a bit about each other, which is the perfect way to start a friendship!
  2. Meet more people by volunteering. Volunteering is definitely an enjoyable way to meet new people. While the work you’re doing may not always be perfect, the situation has a lot of potential for meeting amazing new friends. If it takes a bit, that’s ok—you’re helping various people out with the work you’re doing!
  3. Start the conversations yourself. Some people aren’t good at starting a conversation. Sound like you? No problem! Now is the perfect time to come out of your comfort zone and reach out to various people around you. Don’t worry about rejection: people usually don’t respond because they’re shy, not because they don’t like you. Usually, most introverted people have trouble finding something to open with, so think up some conversation starters before trying to meet new people.
  4. Join online groups. Social media is always a great way to meet new friends. You can probably find your perfect friend in a hobby group, which is usually full of people looking to connect. These groups have the potential to form great friendships, so always join online communities for things you’re already interested in!
  5. Never fly a false flag. If you make a friendship on false pretenses, unfortunately, it’s unlikely to last. The perfect way to make genuine friends is by always being yourself. Otherwise, the friendships you make usually won’t last very long. You certainly don’t want to lose friends over something that can easily be avoided!
  6. Keep in contact. When you’re just starting a friendship, it’s important to keep in touch. Obviously, don’t overdo it, but talk regularly and try to hang out when possible. You can easily strengthen friendships just by talking more.
  7. Figure out your hobbies. Hobbies are always a great way to make new friends. If you already have a few, perfect! If not, take some time to figure out what you enjoy doing. Mutual hobbies ensure you and your new friends always have something to do when spending time together.
  8. Don’t judge. Unfortunately, many people waste potential friendships because of a bad first impression. While you certainly shouldn’t pursue an obvious trainwreck, it’s usually worth taking a second look even if their first impression wasn’t the greatest. You might actually find their company enjoyable!
  9. Be supportive. You should always be able to rely on your friends, so make sure to do the same for them. Once they know you’re someone they can definitely count on, they’ll value you more as a friend. If you can guide someone through a complicated time in their life, they’ll certainly appreciate it and want to spend more time together.
  10. Don’t be afraid—just do it! We get it — talking to new people can be scary! It’s important to always remember that a lot of it is just in your head. The reality is that most people are constantly wrapped up in their own little worlds, so you’re unlikely to make a lasting poor impression, even if your people skills aren’t the greatest.