Grindr Review

Grindr History

Joel Simkhai launched Grindr in 2009 as a mobile dating app for gays, transgenders, and bi-sexuals. It made its reputation as the first popular gay dating site and has maintained it to date. This social networking app is location-specific and places users on a cascade to hook up with other local users.

Grindr Features

After signing up, users join the free membership plan to later upgrade to a paid membership. Most dating features are available for free, but there are even better options in the premium plan in addition to the free functionalities. Whichever option you choose is entirely up to your pocket size and dating preferences.

Available Free Site Features

Some of the features that you can access on the platform without having to pay will include:

Messaging other members

Editing profiles or adding some preferences

Signing up on site

Uploading photos on individual profiles

Filters that match your geographical location

Reading texts

Available Paid Site Features

In addition to the functionalities available on the free plan, premium plan users enjoy:

A new feature that translates users messaging in foreign languages

Special functionality of sent photos that vanish from users' phones after they view them

Undo photos and messages already sent

No ads on the site

See when a user is typing during a chat

Viewing unlimited profiles

Chat with users in incognito mode

Seeing members that view their profile

Grindr App

If you want to explore the world of LGBTQ sexuality but have no idea where to start, perhaps downloading this app could help. There are more than 3 million users on the site. Search on Google play store for Android and Apple store for iOS devices to find the original and official app.

The app runs well on most gadgets. If that doesn't work, upgrade to a more recent version of the software running the app. Enjoy updated features on the latest version, 7.9.0.

Grindr app Grindr app

Grindr Members

It’s a dating service tailor-made for gays, bisexuals, discreet lovers, trans genders, and those with queer sexuality. The site was meant to bring equality for the LGBTQ community in dating. It is the largest and the best networking app of its kind and has recognition awards to show for it.

Subscription Plans

With a paid membership, users can get the most premium features onsite. It comes as an addition to already available features on a free membership. There are two distinct paid membership plans:

Grindr Extra: $9.99 for 30 days, $20.97 runs 3 months, $29.94 for half a year, and $47.88 per annum

Grindr Unlimited: You can buy a subscription for $299.99 every 12 months, or $49.99 in a month

Payments are accepted through Visa and America Express cards. After a subscription period expires, it automatically renews based on the previous plan unless canceled or changed.

30 days
3 months
12 months

Anonymity and Security

Safety is the most vital thing online. Its security measures are high and are occasionally upgraded. They protect their users’ information from being exposed and protect their data from being hacked. To do this, Grindr has joined hands with the LGBTQ community to come up with a holistic guide that covers a user’s security.

It integrates personal security while online, digital security, and management of data. Added up, this tool ensures that members feel secure and safe when dating.

Pros & Cons

Members can display their HIV status.

The interface is decongested and simple to use.

Matches are made around the user’s geological location.

Most of the dating features are available to users without having to upgrade.

There are more than 550 stickers that are themed on LGBTQ sexuality.

It is fast to sign up and make a match.

There are many members, hence a great variety to choose from.

Users do not have the option to make their matches as they are auto-generated via location.

Members do not have a chance to explore their personalities to the max.

The site excludes straight dating users.

Grindr Reviews

I learned about this service through a Grindr app review. I decided to get it, and I’m happy that I hooked up with a handsome, heavily built man, who was my exact dating type, about 2 months ago.

Derick, 32, from New Jersey

I love the attractive dating interface and large community. There’re lots of guys to choose from, most of whom are nearby. 

Pete, 33, from Texas

I’ve used the app for 2 years now. It’s amazing. It’s everything and anything a guy could ever want.

Ken, 40, from Washington DC

Experts Conclusion

Grindr is a great dating app to use even on the go because users can get matches from wherever. It has unfiltered GPS filter capabilities and no matchmaking limits for gay men. Whether you are looking for witty men, dating with no strings attached, hot guys, introverted men, or just someone to have fun with, Grindr has your back. Expect zero to no glitches when using this app. It all starts with creating an account. If that tickles your fancy, it is probably somewhere in this community, wrapped up in a guy’s body waiting for your text. If you need to meet new guys with similar interests as yourself, this might just be the site for you.


Can I send unlimited messages on Grindr?

Yes. Create an exciting and irresistible profile. The best advice is to send and read as many messages as possible through the profile.

Can I read messages on free Grindr membership?

Users can open messages sent to you by other users, whether on a free or paid membership.

Does Grindr have a free trial membership package?

Yes. Once you sign up, you are automatically subscribed to the free membership plan.

What is the security status of Grindr?

It is safe to find love and start dating. Incognito mode also helps delete a user’s search history.

Can I use filters for my search at Grindr?

Yes. You can advance your search by using the available filters for a better matchmaking experience.