Findbbwsex Review

Want to find the best dating site? In this review, you can find better sites where you can meet your soul mate or just have fun. Do not hesitate to look for your love on plus sized dating sites , because this is the best place to feel free and be completely yourself.

First Impression of Findbbwsex

The first impression of Findbbwsex is that the website has a clear picture of showing curvy women. If you are into big women, the landing page will attract you and keep you scrolling. Also, if you scroll down, you can get information about the website.

Findbbwsex Features

There are several Findbbwsex features like basic search functions and live-chatting functions which will help you get the right date. Here is a comparison between free vs. paid features:

Free Features

Basic matching services

Amazing search functions

Free sign up

Reporting fake profiles

Findbbwsex is an appropriate website with various free features. You can first of all register without paying any fee. Also, you can create a profile with pictures and descriptions. You can also have basic matching features and may view a profile on a trial membership.

Paid Features

Private profiles

Trial periods requires money

Live chatting

Unlimited messaging

When you pay for a premium membership, you get extra live chat and video chat features with all other members. You can also get access to instant messaging. Also, there is something called the search profile highlight. Also, there is an unlimited messaging option, and you also can hide your profile.

Sign UP Findbbwsex

The signing-up process is quite easy and fast. It is free for anyone to sign up to find curvy women. To be able to sign up, you need to be 18 years and older. Unfortunately, you cannot use Facebook login to sign up for Findbbwsex.

Also, you don’t need an email verification to create a profile. While signing up, you need your gender and the gender you are looking for, email, password, and the location you stay in.

Findbbwsex signup

Design and Usability

The design and usability of the website is topnotch. It is easy to use. Findbbwsex is optimized for all kinds of operating systems. You can use it on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The design is perfect with a picture and login information. The usability is quite good with an easy hamburger menu. Even elderly people can easily navigate through Findbbwsex. The website UX/UI is perfect for everyone and anyone who wants to date.

Findbbwsex App Review

You can find the mobile version of the site as well as the application of Findbbwsex. The software engineers put lots of effort into creating a great app and working on it to improve the usability.

Nowadays, people are always on their phones, and always use apps instead of the website. Sure, the website is well optimized, but the app is a more convenient way to start chatting online with singles.

Findbbwsex Demographics

The demographics of this website are quite similar to other websites. Findbbwsex has more men as members, especially those who love fat women for dating. Also, the age group is mainly 25-45 years old singles.

Anyone who wants to date curvy women, even a woman or a man, can come in and join the website. There are about 800,000 members from the USA alone. And about 15,000 active members on the website.

Findbbwsex demographics

Findbbwsex Chat Rooms

The chat rooms of Findbbwsex are quite amazing. It is possible to chat only when you pay for the membership plans. The chat rooms' features include various emojis, bitmojis, custom messages, and audio and video chats. Use the emojis to express what you are feeling. Usually, the chat rooms are quite private with data encryption. Nobody can peep into your chat rooms and steal information. Also, try not to put confidential information in the chat room.

Anonymity and Security

Security can get some improvements. There is no email authentication to sign in or create a profile. There is no way to truly know who is fake or real because there is no Id verification or email authentication. You can become anonymous when you become a premium member.

You can hide your profile when you pay for your membership. You can also send reports of fake profiles, scams, or any issues you faced so that the security team will work on them.



Fast, free registration

No hidden in-website costs

The best place to meet bbw women

Amazing range of features to meet curvy women


Users have to pay even for the trial period

The number of women to date are comparatively less than present men

You can face the fake profiles

Findbbwsex Reviews

Findbbwsex has changed my life. I am into curvy women, and this dating website has let me find various loving women of big size.

Chris, 25 years, New Jersey

The dating website has worked wonders in Miami for women who like fat curvy women. Findbbwsex has let the lesbian community date bbw women. It is amazing.

Lily, 36 years, Miami

Findbbwsex is the best website to find a match in the neighborhood, especially when it comes to finding big women for dating.

Rogelio, 40 years, New York

Experts’ Conclusion

As per our experience, it can be said that Findbbwsex is a website to use if you are looking for big curvy women. The design and usability are excellent for this website. It is simple to navigate through the website. The landing page is quite simple. Also, the member base needs improvement since it is already leaning towards more male members.

You can also find fake profiles. Although, the security teams are working towards reporting and removing them. The security needs more work because there is no authentication whatsoever. The matching service and the searching functions work perfectly.


Is Findbbwsex free of charge?

The website has some free features, but you can go for trial membership, which costs some money. You can register and create a profile and have a few matches. But with the free service, you can’t send or receive any messages.

Is Findbbwsex safe for you?

The website has data encryption and SSL encryption. But there should be some verification process.

Is it possible to block other users?

You can report other users, but it is not possible to block other users from texting. You can report fake and scam profiles. You can report harassment too.