FetLife Review

FetLife History

The site has about 980 000 members. The number of monthly visits on FetLife is close to 28 000. Moreover, there are more males than females on the platform. This site began matchmaking in 2008 and aims to satisfy people's carnal fantasies like BDSM and Kink. FetLife is a product of Bitlove Inc.

FetLife Features

Once users register on the site, they can send messages for free right away. The free-based service also allows users to view pictures and videos. Interestingly, one can also join groups free of charge. On the other hand, a premium member acquires a user badge. Again, unlimited videos are available on fee-based plans.

Free-Based Membership Features

Anyone looking to kickstart dating on FetLife can register at no cost. One doesn't have to buy any features to use the site. Again, there are no hidden fees. Dating on FetLife doesn't require you to pay to view profiles. New users can enjoy a trial period that lasts seven days after account creation.

Fee-Based Membership Features

The fee-based membership allows you to access an extensive site database that includes adult videos. It is a leading dating platform that appeals to those who love BDSM and fetish experiences. On premium membership, you get a FetLife badge added to your profile. Again, premium users can go as far as 25x back in their friend feed on their profile.

FetLife App

The best part about using this dating platform is its compatibility with both iOS and Android users. Users dating on this site are fortunate. Other than using the app, they can easily log on to the site using their phone browsers. Moreover, expert FetLife app review shows that the dating web version has similar features to the mobile phone app.

While using the mobile app, members can enable notifications to get new updates instantly. Even though one cannot access this app on either google play store or the iOS App Store, they can download it on FetLife.Vip. App usage is pretty straightforward, just as it is on PC and smartphone browsers.

FetLife app

FetLife Members

A majority of the users on this website are from the US. The number of users in the US is estimated to be around 4.5 Million. Moreover, the member activity is very high, with more than 100,000 additional users registering on this dating platform monthly. Notably, the number of males is higher than females, with most users being between ages 25 and 34.

Subscription Plans

The dating platform offers most of its services on the free membership. Therefore, users do not need to pay an additional fee for most dating services on site. However, if one hopes to get unlimited access to adult videos, the fee-based membership is ideal. It is one of the cheapest dating websites based on its subscription rates.

Premium service is offered to users willing to subscribe monthly, which costs about $5. Hence, a 6-month subscription would be no more than $30 and $60 yearly. A 24-month subscription is also available at $120. Interestingly, there’s a lifetime plan that goes for $240. These plans are only meant to help with maintenance expenses. Otherwise, there’s a 7-day free trial period.

$30 / Month
$60 / Year
$240 / Lifetime

Anonymity and Security

Dating on this platform is straightforward and secure. One can tell that the platform has good security measures from the onset when signing up. If seeking to start dating on this site, be ready to submit an email and phone number. It helps to keep scammers and jokers away and verifying a user’s identity.

Again, the platform encrypts all dating information; and, thus, very safe. Members are allowed to report any malicious profile or annoying user. Though there are a few fake profiles, the site is generally secure, with a dedicated security support team available 24/7.

Pros & Cons

This dating website has almost 10 million users, hence a vast member base.

Standard users can access almost all available features.

It is compatible with phone browsers.

It has an existing smartphone app.

Signing up is free and very straightforward.

The platform is generally affordable.

The platform's mission is unique.

It has a kink and fetish society that is very active.

The smartphone app is not available on the app store and Google Play.

Most members hide their faces.

It has no matching algorithm.

The site's user interface is somewhat outdated.

Particular dating features are only offered to premium users.

FetLife Reviews

I have met several people on this dating platform since I joined in 2010. I love the tool because it supports kinky dating.

Annabelle Johns, 34, from New Jersey

This platform is relatively cheap in comparison to other sites that offer similar services. Additionally, it is the best website offering kink and fetish services via mobile apps. 

Xinxin Chen, 26, from Memphis

Most members on site are from the US. And I am glad I can use the website after moving recently to this country. I am lucky to meet people and enjoy this new experience. 

Christen Nguyen, 35, from Fresno

Experts Conclusion

FetLife offers the best platform for those into BDSM, kink, and fetish sexual practices. It has a large fan base both globally and in the US, which dominates on site. For people looking to embrace their sexual desires, then this site is just right. If you feel this site is for you, don't think twice about registering today.


Is there any limit to sending messages?

There is no limit. However, you get a time out if you send many similar messages to people you don't know as a newbie.

How many photos does FetLife allow you to upload?

You can upload unlimited pictures on the site.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can subscribe to the 3-day free trial on FetLife?

Yes. You can only get a free trial once.

How safe is FetLife?

The site is secure. It has a two-factor authentication measure to ensure user accounts are safe.

Can you block people on FetLife?

Yes, you can easily block a nuisance user or fake profiles.