Fattychaser Review

What Are Your First Impressions?

The first impression is always deceiving, if you think that dating sites are useless, you are wrong. Thanks to dating sites you can find your soul mate or a good friend. Thanks to such sites, you can become happy even faster or find what you have been looking for a long time.

Fattychaser Features

One key question of any online dating review is how a site’s free membership compares with the option of a premium subscription. Typically, the features that are available with a free membership tend to be pretty limited. So, let’s find out if this is the case with this site.

What Are the Free Features Like?

As is the case with many dating sites, the features available to you as with a standard free membership are quite limited. They do enough to give you an idea of what the site is like, but it’s always pushing you towards signing up for a paid subscription.

What Are the Site’s Paid Features?

Fattychaser is quite similar to many other dating sites in that its best features are retained for those users who sign up for a premium subscription. Put, if you want to communicate with other users, you need to sign up for a paid plan. It’s the only way you can enjoy the best chat features on the site.

The Fattychaser Sign Up Process Explained

The sign-up process to Fattychaser is simple, easy, and quick. It follows the tried and trusted formula that the vast majority of online dating sites. This involves entering a few basic details such as your age, location, and sexual preferences. The next stage of the process is to complete the email verification process. Once your email address has been successfully verified, you can begin putting your profile together.

As with other dating sites, you are left to your own devices when it comes to completing your profile. You can include as much detail as you see fit.

Fattychaser signup

The Fattychaser App

There is currently no iOS or Android app for the Fattychaser site.

Fattychaser Demographics Explained

Overall, you will find that there are more male users on the site than women. This is pretty typical when it comes to online dating sites. It means that ladies are in a better position to find their perfect partner. Of course, it works both ways. Any site that single ladies know has a lot of male users will be very appealing to them. Therefore, you are more likely to see even more women signing up to the website. The age range of the site’s users tends to be around the 30-40 range. However, you will see users of all ages on the site. In terms of sexual preferences, gays and lesbians are also welcome on the site.

Fattychaser demographics

What are Fattychaser ChatRooms Like?

The heart and soul of any online dating site is the chatrooms that the site has. This is always the best way for members to interact with each other. You will be glad to know that the chatrooms are good on this site. The community here is a friendly and welcoming one. There is a good sense of fun, and people are very flirtatious with each other on the site. It’s easy to get started chatting with other users on site. You will have a lot of fun – so much so that you might well find that these chatrooms are quite addictive. You’ll find it hard to drag yourself away.

Fattychaser: Security and Anonymity

All the usual safety features, such as Safe Mode, are available with the Fattychaser site. As with other online dating sites, there are always sensible safety precautions that individuals should protect their identity. However, in terms of the security of the site, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You are free to use whatever username you see fit. You should use genuine photos of yourself, but as we mentioned earlier, it is up to you what you choose to include. The general rule is that you are likely to be safe as long as you are sensible online.



Attractive design

Paid chat features are good


Staff profiles found on the site

Quite expensive

The Site’s Design and Usability

Fattychaser is an attractive and completely functional site. The design interface uses a lot of large photos – mainly of large-sized women – and deep reds. It is quite an appealing look overall. Everything on the site is perfectly functional and easy to use. It’s a very user-friendly site overall. It looks good and handles well.

Fattychaser Reviews

I have used several dating sites over the years, but I would go as far as to say that this dating site is one of the best.

Simon, California, 38

If you like your ladies big and beautiful, Fattychaser is a really good dating site to try. It’s fun and friendly and easy to use.

Jimmy, Texas, 27

Fattychaser is a great site to try if you want to meet a larger-sized woman online. Great for local hookups and meets, the site is easy to use.

David, Montana, 28

Experts’ Conclusion

Compared with other dating sites for big and beautiful women, Fattychaser is a really good and enjoyable site to use. It’s not ground-breaking or unique, but it has a good set of features and is very user-friendly. It’s not hard to see why the dating site has grown in popularity and earned itself an enviable reputation. All in all, you can take it from this review that the dating site is well worth signing up for. If you are looking to meet up with and date big and beautiful singles, there are few better dating sites.


Is Fattychaser Free to Use?

Fattychaser is a completely free dating site to sign up to. However, the best features are reserved for paid plan membership.

Is Fattychaser a Safe Site Overall?

There are no concerns at all in terms of the safety of this site. You can sign up with real confidence.

Can You Block Other Members on Fattychaser?

Yes, if you come across users that you would rather not interact with, you can block them.