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What Are Our First Impressions of FatFlirt?

First impressions certainly do count, so what do we make of FatFlirt? Well, the first thing you notice is the site seems to be very well optimized. It’s quick to load and easy to navigate. Not only that, our first impression of dating sites for big and beautiful ladies is that subscription is simple and straightforward.

FatFlirt Features

As with any dating site, one of the key things that users are interested in reading about in a review is how the free features stack up against the paid features you can enjoy when you sign up for a premium subscription. So, how does FatFlirt shape up against the other dating sites out there?

Free Features on FatFlirt

In contrast to the vast majority of other dating sites, even with a free standard membership on the FatFlirt site, users can access nearly all of the dating features that users can enjoy on the site. This is a real plus-point. Often the standard membership on dating sites is very basic and limited. This is not the case with FatFlirt.

Paid Features on FatFlirt

If the free features on the site are limited, the paid features are much more appealing. One such feature is the ability to have read receipts on messages. The Like Gallery is another great paid feature to look out for. Mark our words, you won’t be disappointed by the features you find with a paid membership.

How to Sign Up to Fatflirt

Signing up to Fatflirt is a simple and easy process overall. It follows a similar parallel to most another dating sites. After entering simple and basic biographical details, you will be prompted to follow email verification steps. Once that step is completed, you can start setting up your profile.

As is also the case on most other sites of this type, it is up to you to decide how much information or detail to place on your profile. It’s common to find many profiles that are lacking in a lot of detail.

FatFlirt signup

The Lowdown: Design and Usability

The grey and red color scheme look good, and in general, the site is incredibly functional. Overall the site offers a really good user experience for its members. The site loads quickly, and it is easy to navigate around when you are online. This is a accessible site that is designed very much with the user in mind.

The App Reviewed

Overall, there can be very few complaints when it comes to the mobile version of the site. The app offers everything that the desktop version of the site delivers. This, of course, is a real plus point of the site as most people prefer to go online on their phones rather than a desktop.

Demographics of the Fatflirt Site

The demographics of the Fatflirt site are fairly typical when compared to other sites. More men are on the site than women, but you will see all ages and people on the site. The most common age range of users on the site is 30-40. All ethnicities and sexual preferences are represented on the site.

FatFlirt demographics

Everything You Need to Know about Chat Rooms

The chat rooms of this dating website are the beating heart of the site. This is where most interactions take place, and most relationships begin. On this dating site, you will find the community to be friendly. You can be flirty, and whoever you want to be on the site.

Security on the Site

For example, all the normal safety features, the Safe Mode, are to be found on the site. As with other online dating platforms, there is a certain amount of personal responsibility that needs to be taken by anyone who wants to date online. These include not giving too much personal information away.

As long as you are sensible and exercise common sense, you will be completely safe on the site. You can choose whatever name you want, and it is up to you how much information you want to disclose on the site. Be sensible and have fun; that’s the main message we have to give you security.



Simple registration process

Like Gallery

Read receipts for messages


Limited free features

FatFlirt Reviews

I love this site! If you want to meet BBW babes online, this is the place to do it. I think FatFlirt is a fabulous dating site.

Chris, Chicago, 35

I joined the site because I love bigger-sized women. I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest, but I have been pleasantly surprised by just how good the site is.

Matty, Detroit, 29

This is a great site if you want to chat, flirt, and meet bigger ladies. It’s free to join, and most of its features can be used by all. Recommended.

John, Tampa, 43

Experts’ Conclusion

Let’s not beat around the bush here; we are very impressed with FatFlirt! One of the clear and most obvious advantages of the online dating revolution is that it has made dating more accessible and easier for so many different people.

This is especially true of singles that have specific preferences, likes, and fetishes. So, the long and short of it is this. If you like your ladies big, bouncy, and beautiful, FatFlirt is the dating site for you! The Fatflirt site is easy to use and has great features. We thoroughly recommend the site if you want to meet larger ladies.


Is it Free to Use the FatFlirt Dating Site?

Yes, you can sign up and use the site for free.

Is FatFlirt Safe to Use?

There are no concerns here. FatFlirt is a safe dating site.

Can You Block Other Users on the Site?

Yes, you can block any users that are being abusive or annoying.