Full Elitesingles.com review

First Impression of elitesingles.com

This is a highly specialized dating site catering primarily to well-educated older singles searching for companionship and long-term relationships. It is optimized to create good matches rather than facilitate as many contacts as possible, and it works best for those who have complete profiles with photos and acquire premium membership.

Summary of elitesingles.com features

The strategy of elitesingles.com is to serve as a meeting place for extraordinary people, and a majority of its features were designed with this goal in mind. You will find many unique and very practical tools on this site, although you will have to purchase a membership plan for some of them. Here is a review of the most important features on the site:

Basic features for free users

Opening a new member account

Results of the personality test

Ability to send likes and smiles, but no messages

Daily match suggestions

Advanced features for paid users

Full access to the messaging system

Detailed personality analysis

The possibility to open photos of other members

Search function with advanced filters

How to sign up for elitesingles.com

Before you can take advantage of elitesingles.com matchmaking tools, you need to complete the registration process and create your account. This process is somewhat longer than on the average dating site and takes approximately 20 minutes from start to finish. That’s because you need to fill out a personality questionnaire that is later used as a foundation for the matchmaking algorithm to create dating suggestions accurately. After choosing your new screen name and password and uploading an authentic picture, you will be able to login into your profile and browse around the website to see who is currently online.

Elitesingles signup

Excellent page design and usability

Even novice users typically master the most important functionalities right away since elitesingles.com website is very clean and simple to use. The most frequently used tools are readily available from the navigation menu, while all interactive elements are easy to spot and open with a single click. User profiles are more detailed than is expected and present all information at a glance.

Review of the elitesingles.com app for mobile

Elite Singles app is available for both Android and iOS phones and can be downloaded for free from the appropriate online store. The app doesn’t take up too much space on the device and is very convenient to use when you are away from home. It brings all the same features you can find in the PC version, just organized a bit differently to fit on a smaller screen. Most reviews indicate the app is functional and very intuitive, so it’s probably a good idea to pick it up if you opened an account on elitesingles.com and intend to use the site regularly.

Elitesingles app

Elitesingles demographics and user statistics

Two facts immediately stand out when you analyze the membership composition at elitesingles.com – perfect gender balance and a high percentage of university graduates. With a 50-50 split between males and females and more than 80% of users with a diploma, this site is truly unique in the marketplace. The site is fairly large, too, with 5 million members in the United States and big groups from the UK and Canada. Nearly 90% of all members are older than 30, and most of them are very active, which explains why finding a long-term partner on this site is so easily accomplished.

Elitesingles demographics

Rules of behavior for elitesingles.com chat rooms

Live chat is fast and interactive, which is why many elitesingles.com users prefer it to text messages. Chatting online can be fun, but you should remember that most people on this site are intellectuals and act accordingly if you meet them in a chat room. Stay respectful and try to use grammatically correct language, especially when you address someone you just met. Like on plus-sized dating sites, you should be accepting of someone’s imperfections and avoid making fun of people based on their physical look. If you adhere to those rules, you could have many interesting conversations in the chat rooms at elitesingles.com.

Anonymity and security on the site

It goes without saying that most members of any dating site prefer to stay discreet, so the quality of security and privacy measures goes a long way towards user satisfaction. At elitesingles.com, security is handled very professionally, and all profiles are directly verified by customer service, minimizing the number of fake profiles and scammers. The latest encryption techniques are deployed to protect sensitive data, including credit card information. Based on the review of its security features, this site can be considered a safe location, although reasonable care should still be exercised whenever you send pictures or personal information to another member.

Pros and cons of this service provider

Pros of Elite Singles

A large number of verified members from English speaking countries

Focus on educated people older than 30

Very detailed user-profiles and excellent matchmaking tools

Ideal balance between male and female members

Free mobile application is available for Apple, Android 

Clean and practical user interface with simple navigation

Cons of Elite Singles

A lot of questions to answer during the registration process

Free users have very limited options and can’t send messages

Images are visible only to premium members

More expensive membership packages than on most other dating sites

Elitesingles.com reviews by longtime users

‘The ability to connect with smart and attractive people from my phone is simply amazing, and I enjoy using this site whenever I have any free time’

Sheryl, 41, North Dakota.

‘My conversations with girls on elitesingles.com are more meaningful and fulfilling than anything that happens at parties, so I go online often, to say the least.’

Jasper, 32, Nevada.

‘I don’t need to be drunk in order to flirt, and at elitesingles.com, I can be funny and serious at the same time. That’s why I have been a loyal member for the past three years.’

Tamara, 47, Michigan.

Consensus verdict by dating experts

The lofty reputation that elitesingles.com enjoys in the online dating industry is well deserved, and the site has a great success rate. True, it’s not for everyone, and it can be costly to use, but if you are a well-educated person in your thirties or forties, this is just the place to be. The matchmaking algorithm is much better than on the average site, and the mobile app allows you to stay in the loop at all times. Combined with the sheer size of the user population and excellent gender balance, those tools effectively match the right people and facilitate new relationships.


Is membership at Elite Singles free of charge?

You can open an account and use basic features for free, but in order to view photos of other members or contact them, you need paying membership.

Should I worry about security at elitesingles.com?

Thanks to profile verification and other security measures, users are as safe on this site as on any mainstream social network.

How difficult is it to block a user on this site?

To block an annoying person, just go to their profile and click on the block button.