Ten Surefire Lines to Get a Response on Dating Sites

Surefire Lines

When it comes to online dating, it can certainly be a challenge to get a response via DMs, especially if you’re always competing with many other personals. Datin can unfortunately only happen if she responds, meaning you’ll definitely have to up your game a bit if you want to find love online. It can be hard to constantly come up with quality openers that actually get a perfect response, so we’ve gathered a few sure-to-work lines (tips included!) for you to test out on the next amazing online hottie.

  1. “Would you rather work hard to become a millionaire or win the lottery and get rich overnight?” Not only is this always an interesting question, but you can actually learn a lot about the person from their answer. While some people actually value hard work, others simply value cash, so this will always give you some insight into their financial views.
  2. “Are you the type of person who can keep a secret?” This question mainly serves as an interesting way to grab your potential date’s attention. It easily gives you a sense of mystery by implying you have a secret to share, making the amazing women you talk to want to respond! You also might be able to trade a secret for a secret, meaning you’ll usually get to learn something special about the girl you’re talking to! Good for starters, after a quick “personals dating” when you don’t know a lot about your hypothetical partner.
  3. “I like your tattoo(s). Where did you get it?” This won’t work on every girl (obviously), but it can definitely be a great conversation starter if the girl really enjoys her art. However, you should get a little more specific if the girl already has a lot of amazing tattoos. If she does, you should definitely pick out a specific tattoo you like & comment on that one.
  4. “Would you rather love your job or make a lot of money?” You can quickly learn how ambitious your potential perfect partner is by asking them this question. If they respond that they’d obviously rather love their job, this shows they value personal fulfillment over money, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. If they’d rather make a lot of money, you’ll know they’re a financially motivated person.
  5. “If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?” Even if you’ve traveled a bit in the past, you probably have some places you’d still like to go. This is always a great question to ask your match, because not only does it show what climate they prefer, but it also gives you a hint at what their various interests are, not mentioned during a brief period of “personals dating”, when all the questions are built up of information in the personals. Dating like that will make you a thoughtful person in her eyes.
  6. “Do you watch *insert favorite TV show name here*?” If you two love the same show, you’ll probably get along just fine. Enjoying the same types of content is important because it always gives you something to share on the nights you decide to stay in. Even if they, unfortunately, don’t watch the same shows as you, it’s possible they may actually introduce you to your new favorite title!
  7. “What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?” Let’s face it—most people enjoy sharing other people’s failures. A great way to easily start a conversation with a bit of humor is by asking about bad pickup lines. They’ll certainly give you both something to laugh at, & also let you know what types of lines always to avoid moving away from “personals dating”.
  8. “Who’s your favorite musician?” Although it’s not essential to a relationship, it’s obviously helpful if you two enjoy the same type(s) of music. Their response will let you know if you’ll be able to attend concerts together or if the relationship will always be one long battle over who gets to choose the radio station.
  9. “So, what made you move to *insert town name here*?” It certainly helps to be at least slightly familiar with their town before you use this line, but it’s not always a requirement. This lighthearted question easily gives you a bit of insight into their life & also might actually help you find out where they were raised, which may be useful information later on.
  10. “Are you an up-at-six or a sleep-till-twelve type of person?” If you’re a morning person, an all-night partier may not be the perfect match for you. Asking this question can definitely help avoid potential arguments in the future by establishing expectations early on. These kinds of things are always excluded from typical personals. Date omitting unpredictability. Who knows, maybe you will live a life with this person, and you both will be sharing a bed?