Creating a Catchy Headline for Dating Sites

Dating Sites

Although not every dating site around uses headlines, most do, so you’ll want to craft a clever line to stand out from the competition & easily attract the woman of your dreams. Of course, writing something catchy, funny, or clever is a challenge for most, which is why many profiles feature lackluster lines such as “Single and Ready 2 Mingle” or “Just Looking for Love”. These types of headlines don’t feel inspired, so they certainly won’t inspire any amazing ladies to meet up with you! So what do you do?

Well, the good news is we’ve seen some great (and some horrible) headlines during our time of online dating, so we’ve gathered some tips together to help you quickly master the craft. If you’ve been using dating services for a while with no success, there are chances that a horrible headline might have something to do with it. Don’t worry — we’ll have that revised & eyecatching in no time!

The “What” and “Why” of Your Dating Headline 

So, what exactly is a dating headline? Well, a dating headline is a line written on a profile that’s designed to attract and intrigue other singles, prompting them to check out the user’s page & hopefully begin communication! The exact length always varies depending on the site you use (and their headline character limits), but generally, you can expect them to be a sentence or less. Creating personals for dating, mind that the length also has an impact on other users’ perception. The longer the line, the less deep the understanding is.

You’re probably wondering: if they’re so short, why do you need to write a good one? Think of a headline as it was an advertisement for personals. Dating online is highly competitive, so you definitely need to write something catchy that makes girls want to message you first, rather than the other way around. Think of Kay Jewelers’ slogan, “Every Kiss Begins with Kay”. That line motivates customers to buy jewelry from them because it alludes to a successful romance. Your headline works the same way as personals in dating; it establishes you as a desirable person while also showcasing your personality.

Avoid These Common Dating Headline Mistakes

The main limitation of headlines is definitely the fact that they’re so short. This leads to many people writing the same things over & over in the personals for dating purposes. While writing something simple and cliché may seem like an easy way to get past your headline problems, it’s actually an easy way to miss out on a lot of dates! Women want to read something interesting, so you’ll always want to come up with something original that makes you seem attractive. To show you exactly what we mean, let’s start with a generic headline & change it into something more catchy.

One commonly used headline is “Looking for love”. Most people on dating sites are, so that doesn’t tell the girl reading it anything new about you. Not only that, but you won’t stand out among the hundreds of other guys writing the same thing, unfortunately leaving good looks as your only chance of success. You can certainly start with a basic line, but switch it up a bit and personalize it to make it more catchy. Instead of “Looking for love”, you could write “Looking for a country girl who loves to fish”. This establishes that you love the great outdoors, nature & enjoy fishing, which is far more attractive than using a generic line. Always be genuine with what you’re writing in lines for personals: dating needs are different, so be ready to adjust your line depending on the type of girl you’re looking for.

Easy-to-Use Dating Headlines That Work

If you’ve made it this far but feel uninspired, we’ll give you some templates to help you connect with other singles easily. Although it’s true that you’ll have to compete with a lot of other personals, dating starts as a game of chance, so these lines will help you tilt the odds in your favor!

  1. “Question? Question? Me too!” This headline lets the ladies know about your hobbies. It relies on quick readability, so try to keep your blanks short!
  2. “Some people_____, I _____.” You can be a bit more creative with this template. Think about what sets you apart from your online competition, then use that to fill in the blanks! You can keep it serious or make it funny if you’re looking for a girl with a good sense of humor.
  3. “If you _____, I’ll _____.” Defining your expectations and what you bring to the table has never been easier! Keep it specific if you’re searching for a certain type of girl, or try the tongue-in-cheek approach if you’re open to options. You can even work in pop references!