Best Dating Sites for Asexuals

Finding partners for special individuals like you isn't as hard as it may have been years ago. Nowadays, the LGBT+ community has become generally accepted. People now have several options regarding the best dating sites for asexuals. On these dating sites, people understand and respect your preference and orientation without any judgment.

"Asexuals" may not be at all interested in sexual activities, but they crave affection and romance just like any other person. They, however, look for these in other ways that do not involve their sexuality. This preference might seem trivial for some people. That's why it's ideal to look for partners in places where you are understood. On dating sites for asexuals, you don't have to conform to the need for physical intimacy. If you know your exact needs, you'll quickly find the best dating sites for asexuals.

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Here, you will find like-minded asexual members who are all about romance and companionship among the huge number of people visiting the website every day.

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OneNightFriend.features are great for sending fun and flirty messages to asexuals. It is popular among men interested in casual dating.

Asexualitic logo is a nice option if you like to join different groups and forums for asexuals. Here, you can discuss any topic until you meet someone with the same point of view.

Match logo produces high rates of successful romantic relationships that lead to marriage. Here, you will find other asexual people looking for long-term companionship.

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AsexualCupid will make you feel at home wherever you are asexual or not. You will pick up dating tips and tricks from the website.

What Does Being Asexual Mean?

Asexuals are a special group of people with different preferences when it comes to dating. You can't attract them by simply looking sexually appealing since they experience little to absolutely no sexual attraction at all. Asexuality is a complex spectrum of various preferences. Some people even only get attracted through very specific instances, like demisexuals, for example.

They do not seek intimacy that involves sexual activities. Asexuals seek intimacy through companionship that is possibly long-term or short-term, but something that isn't just casual flings. If you want to enter a relationship with an asexual person, you need to focus on other attraction forms. Sexual attraction isn't the only way to show intimacy.

Romantic attraction - romantic relationships;

Aesthetic attraction - looks and appearance;

Sensual or physical attraction - touching and holding;

Emotional attraction - deep emotional connection.

Romantic attraction only happens if you desire to enter a romantic relationship with someone. Aesthetic attraction happens if a person's looks, whether their physical characteristics or the way they dress, pique your interest. Sensual or physical attraction is when you long to make physical contact with someone through touching, hugging, cuddling, etc. Finally, others value emotional connection the most.

Finding Your Way Through Asexual Dating Sites

Dating sites for asexuals are made particularly for this group of people. Since no sexual activities are needed to enter a relationship, the websites focus on other experiences. Conversations are given more importance. Interactions are made more exciting.

When you join dating sites for asexuals, the first thing you'll notice is the lack of explicit photos and videos. You will see a list of profiles with clear photos of the members. There are clear indicators of how and where you can send messages. Communicating is the way to start relationships with asexuals.

What you need to seek are members whose profiles show interests and hobbies that you also like. These are good conversation starters. Some dating sites for asexuals also allow you to include what type of relationship you are seeking.

A common feature for most dating websites is a place for chatting with multiple members. These forums are great if you want to meet other asexuals and find out more about your community. At the same time, this could be the place where you can find a suitable partner. Hanging out in forums you enjoy will lead you to people with similar likes and dislikes.

Choosing the Right Asexual Dating Site for You

Every dating website offers its own unique set of features that attracts its target audience. There are ones made for short-term romantic relationships and some that are sole to find someone to marry. There are a few asexuals who make use of dating websites used in seeking platonic relationships. They only want to find solid friendships with no commitments that can last a long time.

First, consider what your goal is upon deciding to use online dating. Do you want to get married? Do you want to test the waters of asexual relationships? Are you seeking a support group of people in similar situations? The answer is your first lead on your ideal dating site.

Are you the chatty type, or do you enjoy viewing and sharing media with your peers? Can you manage small talk, or do you much prefer deeper, heartfelt conversations? Somewhere on the Internet, a particular dating website will suit your dating preferences.

Register and Start Chatting

Most dating sites for asexuals offer free trials. It includes the free, no-hassle sign-up process that can be completed in a few minutes. The usual information required upon registration is your name or username, email address, age, and location. These are all essential details in creating your profile and account authentication.

Other information you may input is the details of the relationship you are seeking, your gender preference, ethnicity, language, and even your beliefs. These details will help you find compatible asexuals with similarities. At this point, these details are enough to start your search. Otherwise, you can manually seek similar members in chat rooms and other messaging services.

For the shy or reserved type, sending a Wink or private message can start the conversation. If you are more outgoing, joining chat rooms and forums will become your favorite activity on dating sites for asexuals. Either way, you will be offered special features that suit your preferred methods of dating.

Staying Safe on Asexual Dating Sites

Your first line of protection against falling prey to scammers and catfishers online is the customer support provided by your dating website. This 24/7 service can become relied on for reporting frauds or wrong transactions. You can also use this for giving feedback and suggesting new features to improve the website. Besides, every asexual dating site has its way of verifying every account created on the platform before allowing access to the features.

You can make your effort in spotting scams and keeping your privacy secure. If a certain profile asks for anything involving money, it's better to stay cautious before doing your next action. Since asexuals make up a small community, you can also use it to check if your chat mate is a legitimate user seeking relationships.

Avoid Sharing Personal Details

Your details include your complete name, complete address, and even work background. More obviously, you shouldn't share bank account or credit card details with absolutely anyone.

You need to be very careful with the amount of information you are throwing out. Sometimes, you don't realize you've already shared too much. It is due to the current status of your relationship or the closeness you have formed. No matter how close you grow with someone, you should always stay alert and cautious.

Personal information can be used against you in several ways. It can be used to blackmail, or a scammer may also use your identity and create a fake profile out of it. Stalking and harassment are also a possibility when you reveal too much about yourself on the Internet. Once your personal information falls in the wrong hands, it will be hard to trace them down and retrieve the shared information already in the public domain.

Warning Signals to Look Out For

No Response for Several Days

They say, "No response is also a response" If you haven't heard from a match for some time, it's better to give it up. You might have saved yourself from dealing with fraud.

They Show Unclear Motives

If a guy or girl leaves you confused with their actions, it can either be because they need more time to think or they aren't into you. A confusing relationship cannot be maintained in the long term.

Taking Things too Slow

The next step after matching with someone online is moving the conversation to a more secure and accessible messaging application. If your partner refuses to do this despite their capability of doing so, something might be up.

Unclear, Blurred Photos

It's easy to make up an excuse about terrible lighting or old cameras, but you can always ask to receive clearer, more recent pictures of themselves.


Asexuals are special people who need love and affection. They look for these not through sexual activity but other forms such as romance and emotion. There are dating websites made especially for this group of people to cater to their preferences when it comes to dating. These dating sites for asexuals offer different services but are all welcoming places for genders of any kind.

The best dating websites for asexuals are the ones that can suit how you search for partners and select the right people. There are a few good websites you can choose from, all with great features and free registration. But no matter how good a website is, precautions are still needed to ensure your safety while dating online. Choose a dating site where your privacy is safe, and your needs are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes dating sites for asexuals different?

They focus on connecting people who desire to have romantic relationships rather than casual flings.

Can anyone date asexuals?

If you are willing to give up sexual activities and value romance more, then yes.

Do asexuals date short-term or long-term?

Asexual people prefer long-term relationships and companionship over short-term casual dating.