Craigslist Personals Alternative Dating Sites Guide

Since the abruptly swift removal of the ever so popular Craigslist personals section where singles could interact with their ideal partners based on the informative dating on My Classified Ads, now single men and women around the world, particularly in the USA and UK, are seeking alternative arrangements to Craigslist personals. These alternatives come in the form of popular new Craigslist alternative personals dating sites specializing in connecting estranged singles with the ideal partners for all manner of relationship extremes, from passionate one night woke up to a long-term relationship.

Over the last five years, some fantastic Craigslist personals alternatives have made their way to the top of the personals dating rankings, the best of which we will include in our review guide here today. Read on for all information you need for deciding which Craigslist alternative personals site to sign up to.

BeNaughty logo

User verification required creates a dating environment

Trusted dating platform

Diverse members range for all types of people

AshleyMadison logo

Massive members base (65,000,000 profiles created)

Free sign-up

Responsive users make for quick connections

Fetlife logo

Virtually all features are available for free

Mobile application is available for download on iOS + Android

Mostly men use the site (68%)

Grindr logo

Great site for gay men looking for local singles

Users can send images in private chats

Additional benefits available for a cost

OutPersonals logo

Free site usage is limited

Best for NSA gay/lesbian dating situations

1,000,000+ members

What Are the Benefits of Using Online Classifieds?

Online classified ads allow singles to create personal dating “profiles” that can be checked out endlessly by potential dating partners. Then, interested parties can reach out, making a connection if they find you attractive without wasting any time. With the directness and simplicity granted to all enjoying using online classifieds, it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular. Here are the main benefits of using online classifieds to meet new partners:

Direct Approach – Singles can view your online personal ad and assess their overall compatibility with you, i.e., how well you’d be together or how attracted to you they are based on what they’re looking for. People can make direct contact with you in private, creating insanely quick dating possibilities.

No Time Wasted – With online personals ads, you never have to worry about wasting time chatting with unsuitable partners. You can sit there and choose only compatible people, scrolling their profiles and deciding whether they suit your tastes or not.

Huge Potential – With so many eyes on your online personal ad, the potential of who you can meet is virtually endless. Thousands of singles have enjoyed an abundance of success using such personal advertisements.

How You Can Stay Safe While Using Personals to Meet People?

Don’t reveal personal information to strangers when dating

Always keep your cards close to your chest, which means never tell anyone your address when dating until an advanced stage of your relationship. Always meet someone new in public with plenty of eyes on you.

Endeavour to discover real users – online video chats, phone calls

Prior to getting out and meeting someone new for the first time, do everything in your power to enjoy multiple video calls with your newfound love interest. Look to see if the voice matches the face you’re speaking with to ensure you’re chatting to a real person, rather than a bot impersonating somebody else, potentially putting you in danger.

Never send money to anyone

Although it may seem obvious to some, a huge number of people are scammed on Craigslist alternatives every year despite the warnings given clearly provided on the sites. On fake accounts, people often make up all manner of different stories as to why they need emergency cash after building up a rapport with you. If anyone asks you for any form of payment, immediately stop chatting. It’s 100% a scam!

Tell friends or family of your planned destination

Detailing your planned whereabouts to someone you trust is a phenomenal way to keep you safe should something go wrong. Taking extra precautions when meeting strangers using online classifieds is strongly recommended for everyone, even men!

Enable location tracking on a fully charged mobile device

Enable your phone to track your location at all times for the duration of your first couple of meetings with someone new. Far too often, users behind personals aren’t who they claim to be, and compromise in situations can quickly occur. These are immediately eradicated if someone you know is tracking your location!

Why Do We Have to Use Craigslist Replacements?

Since back in 1995, during the very early days of the Internet, Craigslist provided singles with the opportunities to meet new individuals for romantic and sexual endeavors. Right up until 2018, the service boomed and was a huge attraction with personals all across the world, particularly in the USA and UK.

We are now forced to seek alternative arrangements over Craigslist personals because the personals section no longer exists due to being taken down. Now, singles must seek other arrangements when looking for casual partners for sexual experiences. The US Congress passed a bill suspending and terminating all romantic and sexual activities on Craigslist signal at the end of their impressive tenure of the international dating game.

Luckily, since the removal of Craigslist personals, many great dating alternatives have popped up capable of delivering even better results than those that were enjoyed on Craigslist. As a result, people can still make the connections they seek online with like-minded people using personals online, very discreetly, usually at very little or no cost.

How to Make Best Use of the Craigslist Activities Section

Since there are now hundreds if not thousands of “power-driven” people seemingly at the ready to flag your personal’s posts as inappropriate content, there’s not much chance of using the Craigslist activities section to find these types of casual encounters or new like-minded dating connections with local people.

Once any post on Craigslist receives three or four reports, it is then Immediately deleted from the website, never to be seen again. Along with your account status, which will also be revoked. As such, it is impossible to use the Craigslist activities section to market yourself to potential suitors. We recommend using one of the great sites listed above to meet new people.


Although the beautifully simple days of Craigslist personals success have come to pass, lots of worthy replacements now hang their hats at the top of the charts, giving you a broad spectrum of different personals ads sites to select from based on your individual preferences. While no site may reach the high heights that Craigslist personals did, you can sure find like-minded people in and around your local area willing to meet at a moment’s notice for a passionate sexual or romantic experience on a Craigslist alternative!

Did this Craigslist personals alternatives guide help you know what’s best when selecting a personal service worthy of your time? If so, why not visit for more expertly written dating content for free?


Why do you need a Craigslist alternative?

Due to Craigslist personals being banned in most places across the world, singles are forced to seek alternative arrangements to meet new sexual interests in the way they could do previously on Craigslist personals.

What are Craigslist personals?

Craigslist personals was a section of the website specifically designed so that people could discover a friendship, casual sex, or dates with like-minded local people. At the time of inception, it was especially popular with singles in the LGBTQ community who had no other location to discover people with similar interests. Craigslist personals bucked the trend for what was acceptable at the time; as a consequence, we now see hundreds of dating apps following in their footsteps.

What happened to Craigslist personals?

Unfortunately, back in 2018, a new law was introduced in the USA that prohibited the Craigslist personals section leading to the closure of all personals ads listed previously.